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Paris Undresses, Paris, France

When traveling you'll notice many distinctions. And when visiting France, fashion is a characteristic that will shout in its sleep. Join this traveler as she looks for that perfect piece that will make her feel like she belongs.

The Lao-down on Laos – Luang Prabang, Laos

Dissecting the reverential monk. Where? Who? What!? Tell it to me again like if I was six; where did he come from?

The Unexpected Monk | Luang Prabang, Laos

On your travels you'll likely meet a local that epitomizes the people, the society and it's natural surrounding. Enjoy this traveler's impression on meeting a novice monk in Laos.

Texting Emperor Keitai – Travel Stories, Kyoto, Japan

Tap, tap tap, the indisputable sound of inside a Japanese train, on the sidewalk, in a park, in a movie theater, in a restaurant, almost everywhere you'll hear it; the successive tap of cell phone texting. We've all heard the stories, read more about it.

The Indian Head Bobble: a yes, a no, and a definite...

During one's travels they'll find local customs, quirks, habits that are distinctly different and quite possibly hypnotic. Enjoy the story of a traveler's view of the Indian Bobble.

Waited on Hand and Foot – Guilin / Nanjing, China

Not all travel stories have horrifying twists; some begin and end with hospitality and humility. When humanity's empathy trumps the culture barrier...

The Week I Became a Celebrity in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon

Others may visit a country and meet a few new friends...but then there are those travelers that when they visit a country they go big and get famous. Learn how this traveler is a story in and of itself.

Turkey Welcomes You, Bodrum, Turkey

Expecting distinction while traveling? Think again, locals want you to feel like your at home and it's not because they care--it's their job. Join this traveler as she searches for authenticity.

Unlikely Missionary: An indigenous community in Meixco teaches a agnostic girl...

A look into missionary life and the people that are affected by missionaries

When lost in Miami ask a hooker for directions, Miami, Florida

When you're lost in a city best thing to do is consult with a local street walker.

Never Judge a Man by His Shoes, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Traveling allows the opportunity to annihilate social stigmas and create personal observations. Travel with this writer as she discovers a new world.

The Kiss Greeting

Miami is certainly a unique city--the weather is unpredictable, ranging from hot and humid one minute to a torrential downpour the next. The food is amazing too--you don't need to board a boat to Cuba to get some delicious cuisine, just visit any of the places serving some of the finest dishes in the entire United States. But there is one rather peculiar habit that is quite customary in Miami--the kiss greeting.

Miami Drivers

If you are from any other part of the United States and you are headed for Miami, Florida, you’d better get your pilot’s license so you can be on the same driving page with Miami drivers. You will finally realize why there are so many lanes only going one way: jets need a lot of space in which to maneuver and miss each other!

In Search of the Nomads of the Jade Sea, Turkana

They call him Jesus because he's the only white man to have visited this Turkana capital in Kenya. Follow this traveler's story as he journeys deep into the African wilderness.

Thailand’s Voyeur Tourism, Chiang Mai

This traveler escapes Bangkok’s oppressive heat and seedy underbelly to see the ‘other’ Thailand, and ponders the ethics of voyeuristic tourism. Come see...