If you are from any other part of the United States and you are headed for Miami, Florida, you’d better get your pilot’s license so you can be on the same driving page with Miami drivers. You will finally realize why there are so many lanes only going one way: jets need a lot of space in which to maneuver and miss each other!

As a driver on Miami’s highways, you will have to be an expert in three skills: the practical employment of the horn, absolute peripheral vision, and temper control. Inasmuch as most drivers have a good sense of distance and a check on their road rage factor, horns in the United States become inoperable from not being used. Whereas in other parts of the United States the horn is almost considered a musical cuss word, in Miami it’s your life line. Learn to use it and you’ll survive.

Taking your car on Miami’s highways will sharpen your driving skills. Speed and quick thinking become part of your repertoire and once you are accustomed to Miami’s highways and byways you will be ready for NASCAR. Your driving skills will be appreciated there.

Photo by: PhotoDu.de


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