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Oceania Travel Stories from travelers that have visited countries in Oceania and have written about their experiences.

Nocturnal vehicle invaders in Outback Australia

Exploring the great Outback is one thing but having the Outback's critters exploring you is another. Enjoy this traveler's story about being overrun by mice!

Up The Bridge and Over My Fear | Auckland, New Zealand

Climbing a bridge may seem tame when comparing it to bungee jumping off of one. But don't drop your guard; danger strikes during vulnerable times. Take this story as a warning.

New Zealand’s Cape Reinga: A Hero’s Journey

When it's time to fly the coop, it's time to explore the world. Travel with this sojourner as he makes stories of his own in New Zealand.

A Kayak in Samoa – paddling from Upolu to Nu’utele

Kayaking in Samoa. Grab some beer and head off to explore the island and its people.

Festival in the Clouds, Papua New Guinea

What's better than a retelling of travel stories? Photos! Join along with this couple as they attend and capture in images the colorful and exciting Goroka Festiva in Papua New Guinea. The Asaro Mudmen are calling for you!

Riding the (Rare) Wave of Courage, Raglan, New Zealand

Venture with this traveler as she leaves fear aside and breaks down her comfort zones to reach harmony - even if it lasts for a second.