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Do’s and Dont’s for Caravan Camping

If you are planning a cross country road trip in a campervan this summer then renting an RV is the most effective and safe...
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The Crisis: My Miami Addiction, Skiing in the Summer | Miami, Florida

There are sometimes during your travels that you will be a danger to yourself. But life is short, start collecting stories about your misadventures.

12 Steps on how to get robbed while on vacation

In this segment I would like to thank all the depraved, hungry, lazy, and despicable people in the world to make this travel tip...

How to miss a flight: 12 easy steps to be placed into Standby

To follow these travel how to tips means that you are an adventurous type that likes to be exerted, challenge time, distance, physics and fate. Hell it's a vacation, right? Let’s make the most of it.