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Ping Pong Balls, Not a Child’s Game, Bangkok, Thailand

Not all things seen on TV or are lies. Take a trip to experience the seedy talents of the beautiful women from Thailand in this travel story. Not for the kiddies.

Slumming Stories with the Best in San Jose, Costa Rica

Exploring the seedy side of Costa Rica's prostitution. This traveler's story takes us to the other tourist hot spots. These stories get more detailed every time. Not for the kiddies.

Surreal Encounters in Lamu, Kenya, Africa

Travel allows you to meet interesting characters and write great stories; like this traveler who drank with Satan and sailed with Paper-bag in the dark of the night. Join in the fun and meet his friends.

A Day Out in the Countryside with the Eagle Hunter, the...

Travel along with this journeyer as he meets a few of the local characters and discovers their unique skills in Mongolia.