Florida probably has the most fresh water springs in the world, over 1,000 springs that range in size. While not all are open to the public there are about over 50 that are. Each have their own unique characteristics. The most popular Florida springs are: Ginnie Springs, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park, Ichetucknee Springs State Park, Silver Springs State Park, Blue Spring State Park, Fanning Springs State Park

Below you’ll find a few interesting things at Florida Springs.

Manatees in a Florida spring

Manatees may have been mistaken as mermaids by sailors during the fifteen century, but now they are lovingly idolized as lovable slow moving sea cows. If you are lucky enough to stumble on these loving water bovines when visiting a spring, possibly Manatee Springs State Park, don’t kiss it because its just an animal.

Manatee in Florida Spring
A Manatee in Florida Springs. Image: Instagram /@jferrara_photo

Mermaids in a spring

Mermaids are everywhere in Florida waters, especially in Florida springs. They will come upon out of nowhere to fascinate your senses and tear a good gap into your reality. To see more of these water-bourne lovelies, please visit Weeki Wachee Springs State Park – you’ll see a bunch of mermaids dancing for you.

Mermaid swimming in Florida Spring
Mermaid swimming in Florida Spring. Image: Instagram/@moonsongmermaid

A cavernous pit in a spring

Tucked away and reserved for snorkelers and experienced scuba divers is Florida’s, well suited attraction, the Devil’s Den spring. The den is noted as North America’s most prehistoric places. Enjoy!

Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring, Florida Spring
Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring, Florida Spring. Image: Instagram/@breezybaldwin

Yoga enthusiasts in a spring

Springs naturally are a calming setting. There isn’t the noise from a busy street or congested downtown. There is literally just nature, water and animals. A perfect setting to find yourself and to practice a healing and strengthening modality like Yoga. Springs are one of the coolest places to do Yoga!

Yoga in Florida Springs
Finding internal peace through Yoga and Nature in Florida Springs. Image: Instagram/@chel_s_e_a

Kayaking in a spring

Kayaking is a fun activity. Kayaking can be done on a lake, sea, and where it’s pretty cool to explore, in a spring! Kayaks are readily available for rent in many Florida springs, especially springs like: Silver Springs State Park.

Kayaking in a Florida Spring.
Kayaking in a Florida Spring. Image: Instagram/@crocodilerachel1

Gators in a spring

Yes, you may stumble on a prehistoric beast like a gator when visiting a spring. Don’t fret though, just don’t get near them…and if there are gator babies around, leave them alone! You don’t want your visit at a spring to be chewed up…

Gators in a Florida Spring.
Gators in a Florida Spring. Image: Instagram/@floridasprings


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