new york city manhattan

Manhattan Upper West Side Vacation Rentals – Attractions You Don’t Want To Miss!

Planning a visit to the great city of Manhattan? If you want to enjoy all the main events and attractions that the city has...
find best rv

Top 6 things to look for when buying a used travel trailer/RV

If you are someone who loves camping or going out for trips by road, then buying a camping trailer or travel trailer could be...
maintain blog during travel

Maintaining Your Blog During Travels

Getting Online for Less when Travelling Abroad Passport and visa – check. Foreign currency and travel insurance – check. Internet connection abroad – silence. Most...

Capture Your Every Day or Your Travel Days

Orange, red and yellow bleed across the Tyrrhenian sea from today's sunset. The Amalfi salty breeze brushes over you and your loved one. You...
Zane in Fiji, Filming Chug

Q&A with Zane Lamprey on his new show CHUG

If you're into traveling, boozing and/or meeting interesting drinking buddies, then you must know comedian / TV host Zane Lamprey - ambassador of encountering...
beach security, aquavault

AquaVault: Securing Your Things While at Beach or Pool

So a dilemma arises when you're at the beach. You want to go in the water, splish-splash around like a dolphin, but you're in...
honeymoon destination planning

Finding & Planning For The Right Honeymoon Paradise

Bali, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Kenya, The Maldives … what do these destinations all have in common? They are regular honeymoon destinations, of course. Where...
Watch a sloth, sloth video

Why Not? Watch A Sloth! Slothing time!!!

During my trips to Costa Rica and Ecuador, I visited the Amazon numerous times but failed to spy on one of the slowest moving...
Free Travel Apps for 2014

Free the Apps for World Travel

With the news that the EU are finally working towards a fairer and better value mobile internet, it seems that all of those travel...

Visit Philadelphia To See Beautiful Graffiti Murals

Anyone alive during the 90's will know the minimally autobiographical story of a young Will Smith and his Fresh Prince of Bel Air pseudonym, the terrible trouble he found himself in with "a couple of guys” and his subsequent residence in the more affluent suburbs of Los Angeles.

Why Choose a Multi Flight Vacation?

Nowadays traveling is not limited to flying in and out of Europe; there are endless combinations of bold journeys an explorer can take without...

Change of Rules for the Mile High Club. You can just enroll yourself when...

Ryanair considers serving more than beer and pillows. How about in-flight porn flicks?

Throw me that Throwable Panoramic Camera Ball and Say Cheese!

A throwable panoramic camera ball that is able to capture the world in a 360 degree image. The idea is great but practicality needs to be developed.

GOGO Creates “Trav” for In-Flight WiFi – TV Commerical Spot

You have to love Trav Lehrman, GOGO's latest characater creation, to promote In-Flight Internet services.