miami story: looking for hookers in miami

The Crisis: My Miami Addiction, Skiing in the Summer | Miami, Florida

There are sometimes during your travels that you will be a danger to yourself. But life is short, start collecting stories about your misadventures.
Miami stories, little havana, hooker

When lost in Miami ask a hooker for directions, Miami, Florida

When you're lost in a city best thing to do is consult with a local street walker.
Travel to everglades

Escaping the Everglades, Florida

They escape the Everglades at night with hissing Alligators on their trail and airborne assassins closing in.
man on miami beach with itwo beach balls photoshopped on man balls. Miami Story, Miami Beach story

Beach and balls, Naked on South Beach, Miami, Fl.

There are beach balls then there are balls on the beach. A journey of humiliation and jokes.