creamy pasta with walnut sauce
Prepare time: 10M
Cook time: 15M
Ready in: 25M

This is a pretty easy recipe. So let’s begin.

  1. Cook pasta.
  2. Throw in walnuts, garlic, cream, cheese, salt and pepper in food processor container. Well blend the ingredients.
  3. Drain pasta and place them in large bowl. Add mixture; stir lightly.
  4. Enjoy!
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Creamy Garlic Pasta with Walnut Sauce
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Albeit the Creamy Garlic Pasta with Walnut Sauce recipe may not want to be your opening story to impress a new set of friends…but this dish will save you the embarrassment of forcing down a good amount of unwanted intestines or live wasp larvae.

This recipe was inspired by a travelers journey into a Laos’ family home that had graciously served her their finest cuisine. Enjoy!

This recipe was inspired by OAJ's story:

A more pleasant way to eat intestines, Laos


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