Lomo Saltado Recipe

Lomo Saltado (the Solo Traveler Dish)

A solo traveler is definitely fearless. Venturing into new territories without a group of friends to back them up is a courageous act. This Lomo Saltado recipe is for you solo travelers...
hungarian beef stew recipe

Hungarian Stew

As our fearless traveler experienced in the story I Got Scammed in Budapest, it takes awhile to get out of a sticky situation. This is why this recipe is a perfect fit - the slow cooker has your back.
Panang Curry with Chicken recipe

Panang Curry with Chicken

Looking for something spicy before you start the night? Enjoy this recipe of Panang Curry that was inspired by Bangkok's seedy nightlife.
Bison Strip Steak with Sweet & Sour Onions

Bison Strip Steak with Onions

Enjoy a succulent dish of Bison strip steak with sweet & sour onion accompaniments. This recipe was inspired by a safari travel story based in Africa.