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Turkey Travel Stories from travelers that have visited Turkey and have written about their experiences.

Iman selling his products to tourists visiting Mosque | Travel Story

The Imam: A Turkish Delight, Sort of | Selcuk, Turkey

A take-away from this travel story: Be prepared to be sold anything and everything when visiting Turkey - it's just the custom.
Bosphorus Europe Express

“The Bosphorus Express” or “What I learned after spending the night shaped like a...

Traveling by train can be an experience that trumps all experiences. You get to witness the beautiful landscapes, meet the people, get stopped by the police, get stuck in a rowdy cart...the list can go on. Enjoy this traveler's story.

Turkey Welcomes You, Bodrum, Turkey

Expecting distinction while traveling? Think again, locals want you to feel like your at home and it's not because they care--it's their job. Join this traveler as she searches for authenticity.