World Cup is all over the news, and especially all over twitter-dom. See below a few pics from World Cup fans that have so graciously shared to the worldwide web.

ghana black face word cup fans
More black-face fans in the World Cup. What’s up with that?
hot girls in world cup, brazil
My guess is she’s rooting for France. …but the names of the French players written on her…is it a checklist after *ahem* she’s completed something?

world cup fans sleep in beach in rio, brazil
World Cup fans sleep on beach because Rio hotels are too expensive!
world cup pictures of ghana black face fans
Idiots. Yes, there are idiots attending the 2014 World Cup, see above for two great examples of them.
world cup pictures of fans in brazil
Excited enough? I think these loyal fans are always ready to paint their faces and cheer on for their country!
world cup fan americans in brazil
American fans are becoming emerging figures within the world cup attendees…especially this Teddy Roosevelt guy.
american world cup fans usa
Miles away you can easily point out the American fans in Brazil.
hot girls in world cup brazil
World Cup fans, especially, the hot, sexy ones will always get hordes of people wanting taking pictures with them.
hot world cup fans, women in brazil
Beautiful World Cup women fans get attention…but the provocative fans get the most.

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Hot girls, world cup fans
There are accidental wardrobe malfunctions then there are those WHO GIVES A F moments! Have to love Brazil during the World Cup!

crazy world cup fans, colombia
Embodying the World Cup passion through personification.
crazy world cup fans in brazil
Carrots. Sure. Why not.
belgium hot girls world cup
Hot girls blowing kisses is always an iconic World Cup fixture in the audience.
hot girls in world cup 2014, brazil
More Girls Kissing, well, blowing kisses
mexico, world cup, hot girl, fan
True patriotism: Bikinis and Sombreros!
world cup fans, 2014, brasil
Not sure if their team won or lost.
Crowd of fans in World Cup
Fans watching the World Cup games in Brazil.

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  1. I’ve had a fantastic time in Brazil touring it for 17 days from Copacabana to Pelourinho – Salvador,from Chapada Diamantina to Fortaleza, Belo, Ouro Preto and of course Brasilia , but the moments that struck me the most were the ones when the Brazilian fans started being proud all of the sudden at random games it was unbelievable, if Brazil wins the Cup, it will be because of them for sure World Cup’s unofficial anthem – Eu sou brasileiro com muito orgulho com muito amor! – Arena Castelão in Fortaleza –


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