Miami is certainly a unique city–the weather is unpredictable, ranging from hot and humid one minute to a torrential downpour the next. The food is amazing too–you don’t need to board a boat to Cuba to get some delicious cuisine, just visit any of the places serving some of the finest dishes in the entire United States. But there is one rather peculiar habit that is quite customary in Miami–the kiss greeting.

Hopefully you’ve washed your face recently (or maybe more importantly, the person you’re meeting has washed theirs), because whenever you meet, greet, or end a conversation with someone, there’s a 98.5% chance of you exchanging smooches on the cheek. It’s not a bad thing, but the way people go about it can be intimidating sometimes. They range from some very pleasant experiences–a “good to see you again!” with a friend of a friend and a light peck. But then there’s the “pleased to meet you” where it seems a karate move might be necessary simply for protection! It’s best to let your natural survival instincts to subside–they’re just trying to greet you, not steal your wallet (generally).

Photo by mbshane


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