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Travel, Illuminated

Travel, Illuminated December 16th 1:00 am A little nudge and then, “C’mon, it’s time to go.” It was the middle of the night, and my mother’s...
you're looking down a semi-empty street in a city. A bus travels by itself down the street towards between darken buildings. it's heading towards the bottom of the image. the sun rises in the horizon.

So I Missed My Train. Ended Up On A Bus. Big...

Ready for that long bus ride? Get ready to experience some good ol' USA crazy.
street performers in mardi gras. one man is on a uni-cycle holding up bowling pins. the other behind is following him holding bowling pins as well.

Van Bathroom Breaks in Mardi Gras | New Orleans, Louisiana

DISCLAIMER: Story is NOT for the faint of heart or for those with an aversion to bathroom bloopers. For a little more than one month out...
crossing honduras border

Scammed at the Honduras Border

Honduras has the highest homicide rate on the planet, police corruption, and great SCUBA diving. With that being said, and SCUBA out of the...
Bangkok, price, ping pong show

Ninja Pussy Blow-Dart | Bangkok, Thailand

What Vegas is to forty-five-year-old businessmen with cul-de-sac hairlines and cocaine-ravaged septums Bangkok is to twenty-five-year-old backpackers with sun-kissed skin and alcohol-soaked livers (and...
boca del toro, How to Seduce a Panamanian Cop

Police Cars are Cheaper Than Taxis: How to Seduce a Panamanian...

Her name was Zarra, which should’ve been my first clue. If she’d been a Millicent, our evening would have proceeded differently. Millicents don’t seduce...
Cevich in Panama, Food in Panama, Menu

Love, Death, and Protein in Panama

A quest to trace a Panamanian fish from boat to fork uncovers a chilly two-step, a murky aphrodisiac, and a phantom hat.
Heat fans celebrating NBA championship win

What Happens in Miami when the Heat win! | VIDEOS ,...

Usually, all hell breaks loose - a good hell that involves beating pans, waving and kissing yucas and hot latina chicks dancing - all...
travel scams, experience traveling to budapest and getting robbed by pretty girls

I got scammed in Budapest | Hungary

I felt my cheeks burn red as I started to panic…. I remembered reading about a scam a few years ago before I visited...
canacun travel sex story

The Nagging Question – Cancun, Mexico

Ever find yourself face-to-face with a question: Is it a he or she? Traveler John experiences this, visiting Mexico & courts a beautiful woman.

Awesome Things to See in Miami

There are many things to see in Miami as a tourist and there are many things you won’t see. Here are a few of those awesome things that the locals see & do that tourists usually don’t.
Miami cheerleader unveiling party at LIV

Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders | 2014 Calendar Party

Not lucky enough to attend the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders 2014 calendar party? We have you covered! PHOTOS & Video!!!
rock climbing Quebec

The Grace of Stones: Dancing on a Rock Face in Luskville,...

My friend Sasha likes to paint stones. She collects them from a narrow dust road that leads to her apartment building. Among the towering...
Massage month miami, spa

Ready For Happy Endings in Miami?

A holiday escape to Miami: tons of sunshine, endless beaches, plenty of people watching, more golf courses than you would know what to do...
Worst time to travel to italy, Easter strike

All in a Day’s Work for a Holiday Rep: A Barricade...

I rounded the corner and stopped, astonished at the sight in front of me.  Fluttering flags and hand-written placards blocked the street ahead.  I...


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