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Looking for tales about travelers’ snafu or an adventure that somehow went horribly wrong the only thing to do is laugh… Well, enjoy these funny travel stories from travelers that just had to share.

The Matatu | Zimbabwe, Africa

I'm sure we've all had our fair share of annoying local stragglers nipping at our patience as we try to discover a country on our own; trying to be helpful but really being enraging. Enjoy Taryn's story of 'The Horrible Man'.

Backpacker Friendly: A List of Don’ts | Malaysia

Traveling is an adventure: immersing oneself in the Jungles of Asia, spotting rare species in the wild and getting suffocated by one of the world's most annoying people...Joanne - the super-duper traveler!

Body Jumping in Russia

Family vacations can be very memorable, the good and scary ones alike. But let's face it, a bit of scary makes a great story. Enjoy Susan's family vacation into bloody Russia.

Welcome to Nigeria! | Africa

Ever wanted to know what a market is like in one of the most dangerous parts of the world? Take a scenic and congested look into a Nigerian marketplace and its people.

The Okavango Safari, The Lioness | Botswana, Africa

Imagine a four hundred pound African beast charging at you, what do you do? Join this traveler as he recounts his story of nearly being supper in Botswana.

Drag Queens. Broken Glasses. My Britney. | Fuzhou, China

Ever wondered what a night out in Fuzhou, China is like? Travel with Antasha as she tries to remember what the f@$k happened the night before!

Nocturnal vehicle invaders in Outback Australia

Exploring the great Outback is one thing but having the Outback's critters exploring you is another. Enjoy this traveler's story about being overrun by mice!

Berber Baby Shower, Morocco

When customs, traditions and personalities clash! Go along with Kate as she retells her story of attending a baby shower party, and discovering friction between her and the locals.

What not to do in a thunderstorm, c

Thunderstorms can ignite the imagination, make lovers cozy up and transform sleep into such a blissful state...but these feelings occur only when you're underneath shelter. Join this travelers as she recounts her story of being in a middle of a lake with a tempest above her.

A Confession I must tell when I traveled to France.

There are times that life needs a little adventure to spice up your travel days. Then there are moments when you need a bath, plenty of baths for body and soul to be cleansed. Enjoy this story.

Searching for trouble in Nepal – Chitwan National Park

What is the purpose for travel? The sights, the sounds, the close encounter with wild animals that will probably cease your life without warning ? Yes...it's the latter! (it's all about the stories that you'll be able to tell... )

Leaving Ireland to Ottawa, Canada

We've all had bad days. But bad travel days? These are the ones that make traveling not such an alluring hobby. Take it from this traveler as she recounts her funny, long and harrowing adventure back home.

Bois de Boulogne Nighttime Adventures, Paris, France

Join this traveler as he peels back a Parisian night and finds there is alot more than meets the eye. Enjoy this travel surprise as he seeks nighttime adventure. Not for the kiddies.

Paris Undresses, Paris, France

When traveling you'll notice many distinctions. And when visiting France, fashion is a characteristic that will shout in its sleep. Join this traveler as she looks for that perfect piece that will make her feel like she belongs.

Show Night at the Thai Coffee Shop, Kohn Kaen, Thailand

Travel enlightenment: how daily gathering spots may be innocuous in one's country but at the other side of the world they take another form.