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Looking for tales about travelers’ snafu or an adventure that somehow went horribly wrong the only thing to do is laugh… Well, enjoy these funny travel stories from travelers that just had to share.

Rocky Ride To Kao San Road | Thailand

So imagine you're in another country, ready for an adventure and then Bam!...you meet some hostile tourists that make your trip an even more adventurous start for your story.

Show Me, Shouyu – Travel Stories from Shodoshima, Japan

Not your ordinary tour around a soy factory. Not your ordinary tour guide. These kind of travel stories are what makes traveling fun.

Jetoscopy, Japan

Venture with this sojourner as his taps into humanity's common denominator. Living in Japan and dealing with big problems to say the least.

One little mistake…So Hot Right Now – Mumbai, India

Want to know how it is to ride in a taxi in India. Read this traveler's icky, oozy, sticky, cramped, putrid taxi ride. And a quick bird's eye view of India's stratification.

The Green Bar Inn. A hotel review, of sorts | Xining,...

A girl gives you the eye, you smile back, she asks you to eat a cucumber...and later you give it back. Ahh, the stories one finds themselves in when traveling to great destinations as China.

The Week I Became a Celebrity in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon

Others may visit a country and meet a few new friends...but then there are those travelers that when they visit a country they go big and get famous. Learn how this traveler is a story in and of itself.

Bolivia´s Mardi Gras, La Paz, Bolivia

Only in Latin America can a festival devoted to Christ become a piss-up of this magnitude. Enjoy this traveler's tale about a Bolivian festival - Gran Poder

Angering Ekahau | Belize

Taking home souvenirs from your latest adventure is one thing. But bringing home species in unconventional methods can be stomach turning. Enjoy this story of Belize, a family and a botfly. (Ekahau is the Mayan God of travelers and merchants.)

Tennis Elbow: From Carrying Luggage? – Crete, Greece

Fashion VS. Comfort, the lingering question of what NOT to bring on a foreign travel excursion.

The Plain of Jezreel, Mount Tabor, Israel

To hike the same hill side where ancient giants walked is one thing, to run from ominous beasts is glorious. Join this traveler as he finds his destination with a little natural help.

Mind Shut, Travel Ahoy, Porec, Croatia

Don't turn your mind eye when drinking the brown stuff. Maybe being foolish can bring good tidings.

Beach and balls, Naked on South Beach, Miami, Fl.

There are beach balls then there are balls on the beach. A journey of humiliation and jokes.

Welcome To Guatemala City, Stories from Guatemala

Street freaks, decrepit not-fit-enough-to-be-called-a-room rooms: the better side of the City. Join this traveler and view the sights horrors.

Thanksgiving Dinner with Male Prostitutes, Costa Rica

Two Costa Rican guys one American girl. A bountiful dinner?

Guns and Frivolity in Cambodia

This adventurer went to Cambodia for some culture but ended up throwing grenades. A clear sign that travel experiences may vary...