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Looking for tales about travelers’ snafu or an adventure that somehow went horribly wrong the only thing to do is laugh… Well, enjoy these funny travel stories from travelers that just had to share.

Wilderness Survival, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

In the most dire needs, it seems, even when the wounded need a warm, stream of golden rain there are others that will come to soothe the burning sting from a jellyfish. Enjoy this tale of Peeeerfection while visiting Thailand.

Hey, Hey, It’s the Monkeys!, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Monkeys attack in Cambodia--even the timid cute ones. Join this traveler as he scoots to safety.

First Perfume, Then The Pyramids, Egypt, Africa

Strong arm haggling in a "laissez-faire world", but the taxi cab man will go out of his and your way for a commission. One of the many stories travelers fall prey to.

Men Drivers! – Travel Stories from Lesotho, Africa

Ok, the bus finally arrives but things take a turn for the worst, fast!...Are those bullet holes? Is the guy behind us shooting at us? A perfect ride in Africa, hop on and enjoy this travel story.

Torn Away In a Second, Rome, Italy

A two-sided story about loss and found in Rome, enjoy this tale from these two travelers that get torn apart by a train.