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And This Little Tourist Swam With Piranhas | Amazon, Peru

Following the outline of the Madre de Dios river on the far outskirts of Puerto Maldonado, our tour group trekked through eight miles of...

Is Chinatown still there? | New York City, United States

It’s no surprise that businesses both big and small dominate Chinatown. After all, the first immigrant claimed to have arrive in the 1840s was...

Las Mujeres: Prostitutes and Doctors in Honduras

I sit outside a tiny shack sipping Coca Cola from a glass bottle and munching on plantain chips. The sign says it’s a plantain...

Adult Luggage | Marseille, France

There are somethings worse than bringing the wrong travel tool to lug your belongings...there's shame, embarrassment, guilt. Enjoy Corey's travel experience.

The Road to Dahab | Jerusalem to Egypt

"The sun setting against the beige Jerusalem stone fills me with the traveler’s nostalgia of not knowing when or if I’ll ever stand here again." A perfect line from this travel story. Enjoy Nikki's journey.

Dance, drink and be merry – No one throws a party...

The best part of travel is when you stumble upon things. And multi-day festivals, where ten year old boys can drink you under the table, is a festival where stories are made. Enjoy Raquel's ride into the Kundum Festival.

Hemingway Revisted | Key West, Florida

Travel is enlightening in and of itself. But add some passion and knowledge about an author that inspires you in the mix...Presto! you just made memories that will change your life.

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November | London, England

Funny how stories can ignite a tradition - take Guy Fawkes failed attempt to blow up the parliament - now there's an annual festival commemorating his heroic/devious deeds. Celebrating Guy Fawkes Night in 21st Century England

Rediscovering Irish Roots: A Canadian Finds the Old Country, Bunclody, Ireland

What's more exciting than getting to know where you come from? Actually traveling there to meet them of course! These little adventures make the greatest stories.

The Unexpected Monk | Luang Prabang, Laos

On your travels you'll likely meet a local that epitomizes the people, the society and it's natural surrounding. Enjoy this traveler's impression on meeting a novice monk in Laos.

Texting Emperor Keitai – Travel Stories, Kyoto, Japan

Tap, tap tap, the indisputable sound of inside a Japanese train, on the sidewalk, in a park, in a movie theater, in a restaurant, almost everywhere you'll hear it; the successive tap of cell phone texting. We've all heard the stories, read more about it.

One little mistake…So Hot Right Now – Mumbai, India

Want to know how it is to ride in a taxi in India. Read this traveler's icky, oozy, sticky, cramped, putrid taxi ride. And a quick bird's eye view of India's stratification.

Waited on Hand and Foot – Guilin / Nanjing, China

Not all travel stories have horrifying twists; some begin and end with hospitality and humility. When humanity's empathy trumps the culture barrier...

Khmer Nights In the Real World – Cambodia

Britney's Cambodian counterparts want to give you a massage. Travel stories of sex, lust and money...keeping the world spinning in Cambodia

New Zealand’s Cape Reinga: A Hero’s Journey

When it's time to fly the coop, it's time to explore the world. Travel with this sojourner as he makes stories of his own in New Zealand.