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Beautiful Mistake – Santorini, Greece

Stranded moments. Stray dogs. They never play out the way you expect them to...

Mind Shut, Travel Ahoy, Porec, Croatia

Don't turn your mind eye when drinking the brown stuff. Maybe being foolish can bring good tidings.

Unlikely Missionary: An indigenous community in Meixco teaches a agnostic girl...

A look into missionary life and the people that are affected by missionaries

Ashes of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Death is the last thing you want to think about when traveling. But when you're in a place like San Miguel, Mexico, it's all you'll be pondering about. So smile back at that grinning skeleton.

Never Judge a Man by His Shoes, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Traveling allows the opportunity to annihilate social stigmas and create personal observations. Travel with this writer as she discovers a new world.

Buddha Face; Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The children may be a common staple when you visit Angkor Wat or their chanting One Dolla mantra may be overplayed, but their smiles are eternal. Enjoy this travel prose.

Memories of Rain: Stories from the African Continent – Togo, Africa

Even the most unbearable things can incite a longing when it's gone. Take a journey into the African wilderness with the insight of this traveler.