With the news that the EU are finally working towards a fairer and better value mobile internet, it seems that all of those travel apps that are currently too expensive to use whilst on the road might finally realise their potential. Imagine a world where finding a location on Google Maps doesn’t cost the (Google) earth, where streaming your Spotify play-list isn’t a record label-sized investment and where staying in touch with fellow travellers is as cheap as the copious amounts of alcohol that gave birth to your burgeoning friendship. Well, my globe-trotting friends, all this and more can be yours – in 2015 that is. In the meantime, here are the latest travel apps that will hopefully make your wandering a little easier in the not-too-distant future.

  • Worldmate Whilst Worldmate is generally aimed at business travellers, it’s also a great app for travellers with many things to remember. Combining all of your booking information; including flights, hotels and cars, the real beauty of this app is that you can share details amongst friends – so you all know who will be where and at what time.
  • Wikitude Whilst it has been around for the last five years, Wikitude is only now coming into its own. Simply aim the camera in your smartphone at your surroundings and information regarding sites of interest, places to eat and drink, hotels and anything else you care to imagine will be displayed on screen. You can then capture the image and share it amongst friends on social networks. You can even scan a bank note and get an instant currency conversion.
  • Pingspot Pingspot allows you to tag places you visit with details and recommendations for whoever is part of your network. You can then instantly find the hottest, hippest restaurants, cafés, bars and shops in your area simply by viewing your Pingspot profile. The perfect app for the well-connected – just make sure you keep your expensive smartphone well away from potential thieves.
  • Photosynth Photosynth is one of the most mesmerising photo apps on the market and will allow you and your friends to take photos like never before. Three dimensional, 360 degree photos will give you the feeling that you are able to bend time and space itself and allow you to capture literally everything around you. Once you’ve created your masterpiece this wonderful little app will also allow you to share on social media at a touch of a button.
  • Airports by TravelNerd A real all-in-one airport app that will allow you to keep tabs on your flight information whilst providing detailed floor maps of the airport to ensure you don’t get lost. Alongside this are shop and restaurant opening hours for thousands of airports around the world. Another great option is the ability to find fellow travellers to share taxi costs. However, if you’re in the pink and more inclined to travel in style, you could always try Blacklane’s airport transfer booking app. Take a look at their luxury airport transfers that cost a whole lot less than you might think.


  1. Great article! These sound like wonderful apps to utilize while traveling. I’ll have to add these to my phone the next time I travel. Thanks so much for sharing!


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