Ryanair will soon have in-flight pornography movies
Ryanair will soon have in-flight pornography movies

Ryanair, a Dublin-based airlines, is considering to offer, besides cheap flights within Europe, in-flight porn. What you say!?

Michael O’leary, chief executive of Ryanair told the Sun, “Hotels around the world have it, so why wouldn’t we?”. Though, the steamy content won’t be broadcasted on seat-back screens but only through a custom Ryanair app for smartphones and tablets.

I’m guessing their thought in this would be to pacify the traveler after he/she had to dish out mucho Euros for food and other little absurd fees like replacement tickets and over-sized carry-ons.

They are running with the whole sex-sales theme. In 2009, Edita Schindlerova, a stewardess for Ryanair, moonlighted as an online porn actress. O’leary didn’t fire her or penalize her, but embraced her and her second job. Edita remained serving crumpets despite the turbulence her sordid performances caused. She posed in the 2010 sexy cabin crew calendar as well. You can probably get served by her (no pun intended) the next time you fly Ryanair.

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Edita Schindlerova is pictured below.
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Edita Schindlerova
Edita Schindlerova aka Edita Bente (her porn name)

So for those who haven’t joined the Mile High Club – be ready to get the app – this is your chance!!!

Source: CNN

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