So a dilemma arises when you’re at the beach. You want to go in the water, splish-splash around like a dolphin, but you’re in a strange foreign land, let’s call this place Miami (it’s a world city where crime is a bit rampant), and knowing the crime statistics you don’t want to head out to the water without securing your belongings first.

What to do?

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You could bury your things under the sand but you’ll most likely get sand in your cell phone, wallet, or that cool novelty shot glass you just bought. So you forgo that idea and think of placing your things under your towel, but you know that won’t work because it’s still beneath a very thin sheet of cotton that will eventually fly up from the wind and expose your goodies. You’re basically sh*t out of luck. So, you just risk it and head out to the water…but will you enjoy it? More than likely no. You know you’ll be looking back every minute and a half to see if anyone is by your spot, readying your stance to run after the guy who innocently dropped his beer by your towel – paranoia is a b%&*h!

Well this latest beach security product that I got to review might alleviate the minds of those who insist on taking their Rolex watches and their wad of cash to an unfamiliar beach (or pool), the AquaVault. This handy product is theoretically a great idea. It secures your things in a hard shell egg-like case (it can be broken with a hammer, but hard to kick open) that locks with a combination lock, but here’s the clincher, it attaches to a beach chair’s pipe frame.

The idea of beach/pool safe isn’t the newest, but the Aquavault seems to be a little more practical, sort-of. I’ll guide you on how I set my bad boy up.

Step 1. Setting the combination.

The product comes with an easy how-to guide that shows you how to set up your personal three digit code. This is fairly easy. I did it in one try.

Step 2. Opening the hard case shell.

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Easy. Just lift the top and the door swings on hinges that exposes a foam underling, which is good for things not to scratch up or make noise when being jiggled.

Step 3. Put your Stuff in.

Fairly easy. I put all items in my pocket and person. Cell phone, wallet, coins and glasses.

Step 4. Choosing and securing your Aquavault around a pole from beach chair.


Luckily, we had different styles of chairs to choose from. The first chair I chose didn’t have an area to attach the safe. But the second one did. I also attached it vertically to my umbrella, but that wasn’t a good idea; the coins dropped through the sizable hole where the pipe goes through the case. And anyway, somebody can just lift the umbrella up and slide the lock down the pipe and they’re gone with my novelty shot glass.

Step 5. Closing the case and changing the combo numbers.

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The combination lock works like your everyday combo lock. Close the door and move the numbers around and it’s locked. To open the top, just bring the number wheels to your desired three digit number combination, turn the knob and the door pops open.

The Aquavault works as it should: secures your things in semi-imprentrable case. But the thing is, if the Miami gangster (let’s call him Pepe) that’s scouring the beach for things to steal sees this safe, will it flag his attention? If I was a thief, I wouldn’t’ consider it because I’d be a thief with scruples, and the only way for me to steal this safe would be to take the entire chair with me. But you never know, Miami breeds irrational thinkers, so Pepe just might swipe it with chair and all.

stealing aquavault, beach safe
stealing aquavault, beach safe
stealing aquavault, beach safe
Almost Gone

A thing I didn’t like about it was its shape and size. It just got in my way when I was carrying all my things from car to beach. It needs its own bag. You can’t really fit in your backpack because it’ll take up a good portion of space. Maybe if you keep it locked to your chair at all times it may unburden your lugging efforts.

This is a good device that secures your things. Though I see this safe more used in hotel pools, beach chair rental setting and not really for personal use.

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