Orange, red and yellow bleed across the Tyrrhenian sea from today’s sunset. The Amalfi salty breeze brushes over you and your loved one. You hand her a small valor box and as she opens it she looks so beautiful with the sunlight behind breaking through her flowing hair. You want to capture this moment. So you pull out your camera and snap away. Luckily, you had your camera with you to capture that single instant, but at the same time systematically killed that special moment as you snapped away.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have an unobstructive camera snapping away for you without the awkwardness of photographing personal moments?  …Someone should invent something to capture those fleeting moments. Well, I believe someone has.

Meet the Narrative Clip camera. An inconspicuous mini 5 MP camera that captures your life automatically every minute.

Find images and videos below of this cool device. The price runs $229 USD and comes with a subscription to Narrative’s Cloud Service.

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Clip the Narrative Camera on your necklace

Highlights of Narrative Camera

  • Capture, store and relive special moments with the world’s most wearable camera
  • Just Clip it on – Double tap to capture a special moment or put it face down to make it sleep
  • Automatically takes two photos every minute – a memory for 6000 photos and a battery that lasts 30 hours
  • Capture the moment as it happens, without interference. Complement your staged photos of majestic scenery with the intensity of the small moments that matter the most
  • Unlimited storage, image processing and momentification – includes 3 months of subscription to the Narrative Cloud service


More Videos

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