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If you are someone who loves camping or going out for trips by road, then buying a camping trailer or travel trailer could be a good idea for you. Recreational vehicles or vans have plenty of room to let you sleep, cook, use the bathroom and offer several other amenities and facilities that you may need when you are out on the road or on the campsite. But camping trailers or RVs could be a little expensive to buy and hence it may be more economical buy used trailers or vans. The following are the top 6 things to look for when buying a used travel trailer/RV:

  1. Water damage-one of the first things to look for when buying a used trailer or RV is to check for water damage such as leaks, intrusion of water. These leaks etc. may cause stains, rusting and damage to the ceilings as well as the corners.  Also make sure you check the floors, the hidden parts or compartments as well for any water damage sign.
  2. Moisture issues-even if there are no signs of water damage, there may be moisture issues which can eventually eat out your vehicle and may not let you enjoy the worth of the price you pay for it.  You can check for moisture issues in the drawers, the cabinets, the cupboards, the walls etc. which may have become wrinkled or dull.  Areas like the sink, the bathroom, the showers etc. could be most prone to moisture.
  3. Overall condition-besides checking for small damages and issues, check for the overall condition both from the exterior as well as from the interior of the used trailer or RV. Check for the tire condition, the towing area, the carpets and other parts of the trailer to ensure that everything is in proper condition.  If there are any major stains, marks, smell or other such issues, you can push for a price reduction.
  4. Water tank-a water tank and sewer tank are important parts of trailers and RVs and should be in the right condition. They supply water for bathing, cooking and other purposes and should be working smoothly.  Check the operation of these appliances and also ensure that the hose pipes connected are problem free.
  5. Check the appliances-the appliances such as the stove, the refrigerator, the microwave and heater etc. must also be in the correct working order and should not have any electrical issues. Run them and check them properly. The batteries, electrical sockets as well as the propane supply etc. must also be correct.
  6. Windows, doors-open and close all the windows and doors to check if there are no damages. If you are interested in buying Double D trailers, then you must check whether the trailers have two doors or a single one. Large ones usually have doors both at the rear side as well as the front side and you must make sure you check for this.


  1. I agree that it’s important to check the appliances before buying a used RV or travel trailer. I might be trying to buy an RV later this month, and I want to be absolutely sure that everything is in working order. It wouldn’t be worth buying if half of the things inside don’t work the way they should.


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