honeymoon destination planning

Bali, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Kenya, The Maldives … what do these destinations all have in common?

They are regular honeymoon destinations, of course.

Where you go on your honeymoon is obviously entirely down to your personal interests and preferences, but for the regular, lie on a beach and chill the hell out, spending quality time together, and being completely pampered kind of break, then these handful of destinations scream perfection.

This kind of holiday has to be perfect, right? You’re going to look back on this in years to come and you’ll want to remember the best holiday you’ve ever been on, not one that was laced with problem after problem. Of course, the occasional hiccup might give you something to laugh about a few years down the line, but as a general rule, your honeymoon should be something to behold.

Weddings are expensive enough without adding extra costs onto the whole shebang, and the honeymoon travel side of things is where you can save a little, without noticing the difference. Driving yourself to the airport, taking your own sweet time, and not having to rely on stressful and expensive public transport and taxis is a good place to start, so why not head to ParkBCP and check out the great rates available? This is something I do regardless of the reason for my travel, and it’s a service that you’ll find offered at most airports nationwide, both large and regional. I regularly use Gatwick parking south terminal, and have always found a fantastic deal.

If you can save on areas like this, you will be in a better position to do more whilst you’re on your honeymoon break. Maybe you want to head out on an adventure that you’ve both wanted to do, such as a safari, or a diving expedition, or maybe you just want to lay back and chill out together, pampered to the extreme, with a few cocktails at sundown. Whatever your preference, make sure you tell your hotel at check in that this is your honeymoon, and also when you board the plane. I’m not suggesting you tout for freebies, but the saying ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ really does ring true! If nothing else, you might get looked after a little more on the plane.

Most large hotels in the destinations we mentioned above are geared up for honeymooners, and you could even go through a bespoke company, such as Sandals, for an adults-only kind of break, where you truly can chill out without children splashing you in the pool, and the obligatory kids disco in the evening.

However you choose to spend your special break, make it one you will remember for you, for all the right reasons.


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