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Vietnam’s Cocoa Trail

vietnam cocoa, travel article, blogOn the Cocoa Trail in Vietnam –
Time to get your hands dirty chocolatey: Chocolate and Vietnam!? Really? Yes, really! Vietnam has been producing chocolate since the 19th century, ever since the French tried and tried fervently to cultivate chocolate in Vietnam, which they eventually managed. Greg, a chef and writer that blogs on, takes us to a cocoa plantation, where he expounds on the cocoa process – beginning to end.

A fascinating journey on how a beloved sweet treat is produced and cultivated in a region uncelebrated for its chocolate roots.

Tour of Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain

casa mila, barcelona, spain, travel experience from bloggerVisual Tour of Casa Mila by Gaudi – Barcelona, Spain –
Looking to Buy in Barcelona?: Consider a virtual tour of the home…albeit the link from Earth Explorer is a photo montage of the Casa Milà, an apartment building owned by a wealthy Catalan couple: Roser Segimon and Pere Milà (read more about their lives and the building process). The building took over eight years to complete, was designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí. The building was supposed to be  a reflection of Milà’s devotion to his religion but, as always, the city ordinances during the time changed many of Gaudi’s design – not fully translating Milà’s spiritual symbol into the building or was it something else he wanted to express?

Foodies, pay attention! There is yummy in Bohol

philippine food cuisineThe Best and Worst Things We Ate on Bohol –
Philippine cuisine! What’s that?: While some of the experts are pretty much stumped about what constitutes Philippines‘ cuisine, the folks at 20 Years Hence do a great job at summing their Likes and Dislikes of Philippine food. Luckily they didn’t try a Balut (not many would).

You’ve probably eaten chocolate for Vietnam; did you know that? Religious expression or a man’s necessity to flaunt his wealth? What are your likes about Philippines food?

Hope you enjoyed each article. Till next time or discover more travel articles from travel writers.


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