[dropcap3]Remodeling Home: Fireplace[/dropcap3]

Camel And Chocolate remodel fireplaceHome Renovation: Tiling Fireplaces – camelsandchocolate.com
Out of the Gate and No Travel Article: while this article may not be a travel article, but the peeps who do run this blog are ‘travel addicts’. This week Camels and Chocolate took a breather from the hustle and bustle of seeing the world to…remodel their home!? Yes, when you think of travel bloggers an image of a carefree rambling vagabond comes to mind but au contraire mon frere nowadays not only vagabonds can see the world; actual established folks with homes, families and roots to a city, say like Miami, can see this planet.

If you are up for it, read step-by-step how a couple of travel fanatics can transform an unflattering fireplace to a Victorian masterpiece.

[dropcap3]God Loves Texas[/dropcap3]

God Loves Texas, Story About Traveling through texasDriving In God’s Country – digitalnomad.nationalgeographic.com
A sermon on a mountain or road – same difference: It is true then, everything in Texas is big! The belief in God is big. The belief in spreading His message is bigger. The belief that Texans will not miss a chance to push their beliefs on strangers is probably the biggest; Andrew Evans (our narrator), from Digital Nomad, would agree. He draws the reader into an entertaining POV of his skew about Texas’ earth and its locals.

What is also inspiring is Andrew’s images of Texas’ landscapes – apparent contrasts.

[dropcap3]Faces of India[/dropcap3]

Faces of IndiaThe Faces of India – oneika-the-traveller.com
Distinction among species: Us humans may be swimming in the same primordial gene pool but there are vast differences between one another, which is why people watching is so fun! The world is a global theater with every face a character to admire. Take Oneika The Traveller’s word for it, as she visits India and enters a world of inter-exchanging curiosities. She is asked by strangers if they can touch her hair and if she can immortalize their guise in photograph.

An interesting curiosity us humans, we never cease the desire to know and understand the world and its inhabitants.

Is Texas really like this? Travel junkies are home-owners, isn’t that an oxy-moron? Don’t faces identify us, separate us, and isolate us for the good and bad?

Hope you enjoyed each article. Till next time.


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