Australia and New Zealand are two fabulous holiday destinations and when you visit one, it would be a shame to leave without seeing the other. They are both so close to each other, yet offer completely different sights and cultures to experience. When planning your tour of Australia and New Zealand, keep these top spot on your list.

Australia top destinations
Photo by Kenny (zoompict) Teo



Of course a visit to Australia would be incomplete without a visit Sydney. The Opera House is the iconic symbol of the country, so a few photos here are pretty much an obligation. The Darling Harbour is close by and another stop that’s totally worth it. Great views, museums and shopping malls galore here. Get a birds eye view at the Sydney Tower.

Gold Coast

The name kind of gives it away. A coastal gem with sunny sands and beaches for miles. Surfers and beach bummers will be in a blissful dream here. The surrounding mountains are great for the outdoorsy ones with gorgeous waterfalls and flora and fauna in the national Parks.

Fraser Island

Nature did it’s job well, some of the best beaches in the country are located here along with crystal clear lakes, and tons of marine life to gaze at. The island is only accessible by tours or 4-wheel drive cars on the sand.


A paradise for any beach lover with it’s white sand beaches and azure waters. Water sports, a lively area, and fantastic nightlife are just a few perks at this beautiful destination.

Great Ocean Road

When it’s time to move about the southeast coast of the continent, then driving yourself along this famous road is the best way to get around. The scenery is absolutely magical. The 12 apostle rocks are a sight to be seen, Melbourne can be your starting spot and just make your way to any of the number of charming cities or towns on the way.

New zealand destinations
Photo by Trey Ratcliff

New Zealand


Surrounded by mystical volcanoes and hills, the scenery will immediate captivate you. Take the plunge on the popular Auckland Harbor Bridge by bungee jumping, see the city from the Skytower and enjoy beauitful sites and marine parks in the area.


Not only an extremely active city, but a party-loving city too; that is exactly what Queestown is. Caving, bungee jumping, rafting, jet-boating, skiing, and hang gliding are just a few of the thrilling activities you can experience here. If you have any energy left over, get ready for the biggest nightlife the country has to offer. This city is often compared to the crazy party island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.


This is a natural wonderland full of rivers, valleys, coastlines, mountains, lakes and more giving you a thriving scene of mother nature at her best. This is becoming a hotter spot for backpackers and the scene at night consists of bars and taverns and maybe even a late night coffee at a cafe.


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