Biking is the most basic means of transportation but it’s way faster than walking. It allows you some sense of empowerment over machine, like your a fearless captain riding the concrete/cobble stone/dirt road of sea.

This means of transportation should be adapted at least once in your travels; you get to feel like a native, riding the neighborhoods by pedal-motion, seeing the sights in a pace and way that isn’t tedious and straining as walking miles to a tourist spot is – plus this is a great way to burns some calories off from the food binge you had the day before.

So if you in you’re in Zagreb, Croatia, do yourself a favor and rent a bike to sight-see the city – your heart and feet will thank you.

And on a random note: like Blue Bike website says “If the tour is canceled due to bed weather, you’ll be notified in time.” Me like bed weather…ZZZZZ

Blue Bike


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