Take out the bikini or the swim trunks, pack that pool bag, put the windows down and turn up the music. It’s a pool day! Everyone’s favorite summer activity. People sit at the lounge chairs, either lather on sunscreen, or maybe the tanning oil while enjoying the sun’s warmth. The pool is there to relieve you when you’re too hot to handle the sun anymore, thank goodness! Right?

Did you ever think about what’s in the pool? Well, chances are you were sweating before you got in. Am I right? Of course I am. Everyone’s been sweating. Maybe a few of you have been throwing back a few beers. What if one out of the five of you happen to be too lazy to get out to pee and did it in the pool instead? I came across this infographic by schofields.ltd.uk.

Are you getting grossed out? Has your summer plans of spending time with friends by the pool totally got ruined? We don’t mean to burst your bubble, if it hasn’t already yet, but the stuff you swim with in the pool is a lot more than just the floating rafts and pool balls. Let’s just say there are teaspoons and even bathtubs full of other grotesque bodily fluids and excrement that are swimming with you every time you take a dip. So, next time you’re hot at the pool, maybe take a quick rinse at the outdoor shower instead.

Why swimming pools are bad!


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