An infamous Maroone’s car commercial


This typically happens around hurricane season

Ashley Rodriguez
U know u’ve been in #Miami 2 long when someone starts playing the Ghostbusters song & u think, “Who you gonna call? MAROONE!” @MarooneSFL
You know you live in Miami when your building floods, all the general ac is out and all the elevator shafts are flooded. Long morning.


Yes, even the Walgreens sell Virgin Marys


You can stand at a corner with sunshine above while the corner in font of you has rain.

Mark LaBelle
The Walgreens across the street sells empanadas and statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. #onlyinmiami
Dani Kelleher
Checked my mail, standing in the rain, while sun shines on me, while thunder rumbles in backround! #onlyinMiami


People get creative when the proper tools are not accessible.


Yes, it’s true most clubs and bars start getting at full midnight or later.

Elsa Roberts
Just saw a car being towed using a sweatshirt as a towstrap. WTF? #onlyinmiami
Panic Bomber
#onlyinMiami is 10pm too early to go to a bar.



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