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Thailand Travel Stories from travelers that have visited Thailand and have written about their experiences.

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Ninja Pussy Blow-Dart | Bangkok, Thailand

What Vegas is to forty-five-year-old businessmen with cul-de-sac hairlines and cocaine-ravaged septums Bangkok is to twenty-five-year-old backpackers with sun-kissed skin and alcohol-soaked livers (and...

Show Night at the Thai Coffee Shop, Kohn Kaen, Thailand

Travel enlightenment: how daily gathering spots may be innocuous in one's country but at the other side of the world they take another form.

Soaking My Way into a New Year, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Stories, Stories, Stories are what friends expect to hear when you're back from traveling through Thailand, but the best travel tales are the ones that carry mystery. Join this traveler as she journeys into Thailand unknowingly entering a wet battle.
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A Stormy day in Paradise, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

When traveling to far away places the last thing you think of is deadly close-encounters, but they make the greatest stories when you live to tell about them.
Travel Stories, Taxi in Thailand

Rocky Ride To Kao San Road | Thailand

So imagine you're in another country, ready for an adventure and then Bam!...you meet some hostile tourists that make your trip an even more adventurous start for your story.

Lucky Money Fun Time Adventure Day, Thailand

Start with a list of things that you want to buy and do...then go out and accomplish them. The stories will come rolling after that. Join this traveler as he tackles his list...avoiding the police, a mob of vendors and sickness

Thailand’s Voyeur Tourism, Chiang Mai

This traveler escapes Bangkok’s oppressive heat and seedy underbelly to see the ‘other’ Thailand, and ponders the ethics of voyeuristic tourism. Come see...

Wilderness Survival, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

In the most dire needs, it seems, even when the wounded need a warm, stream of golden rain there are others that will come to soothe the burning sting from a jellyfish. Enjoy this tale of Peeeerfection while visiting Thailand.

Ping Pong Balls, Not a Child’s Game, Bangkok, Thailand

Not all things seen on TV or are lies. Take a trip to experience the seedy talents of the beautiful women from Thailand in this travel story. Not for the kiddies.