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Japan Travel Stories from travelers that have visited Japan and have written about their experiences.

tour of soy sauce factory, japan

Show Me, Shouyu – Travel Stories from Shodoshima, Japan

Not your ordinary tour around a soy factory. Not your ordinary tour guide. These kind of travel stories are what makes traveling fun.
Geishas in Japan

Searching on Your Own for Geishas in Kyoto, Japan

Looking for elusive women in Japan? This traveler discloses tricks on how to spot these coveted creatures.

Jetoscopy, Japan

Venture with this sojourner as his taps into humanity's common denominator. Living in Japan and dealing with big problems to say the least.

Texting Emperor Keitai – Travel Stories, Kyoto, Japan

Tap, tap tap, the indisputable sound of inside a Japanese train, on the sidewalk, in a park, in a movie theater, in a restaurant, almost everywhere you'll hear it; the successive tap of cell phone texting. We've all heard the stories, read more about it.