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Indian Travel Stories from travelers that have visited India and have written about their experiences.

Lake Palace India, Hotel, Udaipur, India

The Maharaja of Sydney | Udaipur, India

Traveling offers adventures, misadventures, stories, and freedom to escape oneself and be part of another culture. Enjoy this tale of how Benjamin becomes a Maharaja in India.

One little mistake…So Hot Right Now – Mumbai, India

Want to know how it is to ride in a taxi in India. Read this traveler's icky, oozy, sticky, cramped, putrid taxi ride. And a quick bird's eye view of India's stratification.

The Indian Head Bobble: a yes, a no, and a definite maybe!

During one's travels they'll find local customs, quirks, habits that are distinctly different and quite possibly hypnotic. Enjoy the story of a traveler's view of the Indian Bobble.