tips to travel light

Traveling lightly is a kind of modern art form in this increasingly criss-crossed world, seemingly practiced effortlessly by a certain gifted few. Yet, help is at hand! The hints below break it down so soon you too can be traveling with streamlined ease, regardless of whether you are a business frequent flyer, or a free spirited wanderer.

Invest in a lightweight case

Starting with the basics, you would be surprised how much your bag alone can weigh. So ditch your bulky, heavy suitcase and shop around for one that is sturdily constructed from lightweight materials, stores have some fantastic options. Lookout for how much the case itself weighs and for smooth, easy travelling choose one with wheels so you can easily run around those airports and city streets. If you are planning to travel only with carry-on luggage, check out airline restrictions and choose a bag that fits as closely within the measurements as possible.

Versatile layers

It is often challenging to streamline your traveling wardrobe, especially when packing for an unpredictable climate, or for a long adventure. Light, comfortable layers are always best and try to stick to a monochromatic palette. Remember black is always a fantastic base!Feature pieces that only work with one other item are impractical and take up unnecessary space. Instead, choose clothes that mix and match well with each other.

Pack few shoes

Shoes are often the heaviest items so take as few with you as you can. Pack a good, comfortable pair for all your wanderings and one dressier set for evenings out on the town, or that are suitable for business meetings. Any more than that, as disappointing as this may be to the Carrie Bradshaws out there, will just weigh you down unnecessarily.

Downsize toiletries

It might seem easier just to throw your current shampoo and conditioner into your case and go, but that will quickly add up the kilos. To cut down, invest in miniature traveling versions of your favorites that are now available at most chemists and department stores. Or decant as much as you think you will need of your current products into smaller plastic bottles and make sure to label. If traveling for a long period of time, remember in most places you’ll visit it will be possible to buy more supplies, so there is usually no need to take large stocks with you.

Avoid souvenir temptation

It is all too easy to get carried away and buy gimmicky treasures from on adventures for yourself and to share with friends and family. But as sweet as they are, souvenirs can quickly become a heavy burden. Buy few mementos and make them count, and if it is necessary to buy gifts, choose lighter options that will pack easily into your luggage.

What do you think? Do you have any more traveling tips for packing lightly? Keep reading the comments below for more ideas to reduce that baggage burden and trade advice with your fellow travelers!

Photo by Antony Hell


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