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How to have the best beach adventure in Malaga

Malaga is an Andalusian highlight that deserves to be explored. This southern port city has one of the most picturesque bays in the world...

AquaVault: Securing Your Things While at Beach or Pool

So a dilemma arises when you're at the beach. You want to go in the water, splish-splash around like a dolphin, but you're in...

Hammock Moments: Finding Your Beach Bliss along the Andaman Coast

In Southern Thailand there is an area called the Andaman Coast, home to some of the most unspoiled and idyllic beaches available. Travelers have...

Between Nature and Nightlife: the Less Obvious Charms of Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa in south-eastern Cyprus is renowned as a party destination for holidaymakers in search of beaches and booze. However, if you scratch the...

Raffle Entry: Tatiana at Puna Luu beach on the Big Island...

My favorite place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Black lava sand is very unique and looks awesome next to the beautifully blue ocean.

A Stormy day in Paradise, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

When traveling to far away places the last thing you think of is deadly close-encounters, but they make the greatest stories when you live to tell about them.

Carate, Corcovado Rainforest, Costa Rica

Forest to the left, water to the right, fine gray sand stretches ahead - you're in the Jungle baby and you're not gonna know what's going to happen!!!

New Zealand’s Cape Reinga: A Hero’s Journey

When it's time to fly the coop, it's time to explore the world. Travel with this sojourner as he makes stories of his own in New Zealand.

A Kayak in Samoa – paddling from Upolu to Nu’utele

Kayaking in Samoa. Grab some beer and head off to explore the island and its people.

Beach and balls, Naked on South Beach, Miami, Fl.

There are beach balls then there are balls on the beach. A journey of humiliation and jokes.

Wilderness Survival, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

In the most dire needs, it seems, even when the wounded need a warm, stream of golden rain there are others that will come to soothe the burning sting from a jellyfish. Enjoy this tale of Peeeerfection while visiting Thailand.