Now, some conscientious travelers experience a bit of a conflict in heading to this backwater market. A visit to Saquisili is like visiting a past age of man; really as much of an anthropological expedition as it is a shopping trip. Therefore, the always bitter irony is that in penetrating off-the-beaten-track locations like this, your very presence is one more step toward beating a track. Soothe the inner conflict by considering that the locals appreciate the business and they demonstrate it by making you feel welcome there, well… for the most part.

The warmth of their smile often depends on how likely you are to buy something from them. The market is divided into four sections around town. In the livestock section only the cows will greet you with bells on, because those peddling cattle know you’re not likely to buy one. But, if you’ve become so enamored with Llamas that you want to take one home, this is where you can get one at a rock bottom price! But remember: whatever you’re buying, it’s not about bargaining for the absolutely lowest price possible, it’s about finding the price that works well for you and for them. Consider the level of need in the community and don’t exploit it. Make your purchases with a clean conscience.

Photo: Frank_am_Main


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