[icon image=”eye-open” size=”medium” cont=”yes” float=”left”]There are many things to see in Miami as a tourist and there are many things you won’t see. Here are a few of those awesome things that the locals see [decorative_ampersand]TEXT HERE[/decorative_ampersand] do that tourists usually don’t.

Elliott Key is the largest key north of Key Largo. Located in Biscayne National Park. The only way to visit the key is by boat. There is a beach where you can shore your boat, or anchor away from the beach; the water level doesn’t get any higher than three feet. Weekends get packed, but during Columbus Day weekend forgetaboutit. Columbus Regatta.

A warning or [icon image=”thumbs-up” size=”small” cont=”no” float=”none”] from National Park Traveler:


Don’t go to Elliott Key on Columbus Day weekend if peace and quiet is what you seek. Don’t go there if it bothers you to see adult beverages consumed in prodigious quantities. Don’t go there if you don’t want to see bikini tops doffed for beads and beer. Don’t go there if you are unwilling to be tossed overboard at the slightest provocation or soaked by some of the biggest damn water guns on the planet.


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Looking for a place in Miami to join goblins, sexy men in drag, and horny pirates during Halloween?  Coconut Grove is Miami’s traditional meeting hub for Halloween. The streets close late afternoon to allow locals to flaunt their haunting and sexy costumes to other Miami partygoers. The crowd can get large VERY LARGE and it might get a bit rowdy; police are out in full gear ready to shut down anything that might go wrong, and to end the festivities exactly at midnight.

So if you want to go where the locals hangout during Halloween and capture some great pics, then Coconut Grove is the place you’d want to see for yourself.

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While this isn’t high stake poker, the Cubano’s that do play are not doing it for the shits & giggles – this is serious business! Maximo Gomez Park in Little Havana, Miami is something you’d want to see if you’re looking for an authentic experience. You’ll see retirees playing hours of Dominoes while they talk politics and curse Fidel’s name. You’ll also find chess tables that are available if you’re not feeling to play the number games.

The park is right on Calle Ocho (eighth street), another Miami landmark that you’d want to see. The area is speckled with little Cuban coffee spots in case you need to pep up for your game. But it’s imperative that you order a cafecito at their ventanitas (sidewalk windows), you’ll feel more Cuban if you do! [/one_fourth]
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Have an urge for art, food, free booze and more art? Then every second Saturday of the month in Miami you’d want to head to Wynwood to join the masses of art freaks and beer loafers. Almost all of the galleries open their doors to let the locals of Miami see their newest art collections. Food trucks are available for the flock, and occasionally there are corporate parties that are free of charge and open to all art gawkers. Come join and see the Miami art scene. This is the same area where graffiti murals pop up during Miami’s Art Basel.[/one_fourth]
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