Croquetas: the most delicious, non kosher fried food on the market. It is sad really that one cannot find these delectable cylinders of awesomeness outside of South Florida. (with a few exemptions, ie. Certain Parts of New Jersey) These are a staple of the Cuban breakfast, but quickly become after bar fare for most travelers. A smokey flavored, ground ham filled croquet, in a crunchy brown breading.

But this is what Miami is about, the late night scarfing sessions or the hungover breakfast. You could be sitting at a restaurant, standing at the service counter, or standing outside at 3AM enjoying a snack, Miami Cuban food is tops. That’s right, most real Cuban restaurants in Miami have a walk up window, where at almost any hour of the night you can get, but not limited to; a Cuban sand which, fried plantains, and a milkshake.

It’s the same type of street food culture you would see in Latin America, except with an adherence health codes! Next time you find yourself strolling down Calle Ocho (Eighth St.) Stop by either La Carreta or Versailles. Walk up to the window for a pick me up (coffee) or the warm hug only a deep fried pork product could give you. It’s Cuban comfort food, anytime.

Photo by: blancastella


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