[dropcap3]1. Having my camera stolen in Chile[/dropcap3]

Most tourists have been through this situation, and it’s important to remember not to blame the location you were traveling to and telling people it’s unsafe. Theft happens everywhere, including your hometown. I can get over losing a cheap digital camera. Sadly, I didn’t upload my photos anywhere (this was before Facebook) and I lost over 4 months of evidence of a great trip.

[dropcap3]2. Sick off Street Food in Yangon[/dropcap3]

I always like to ‘eat where the locals eat’. But one time, it didn’t work out so well for my digestive system. I ended up wasting two days of a trip that was already time-constricted due to the unpleasant food poisoning. I still feel my stomach flip a little when I look at my photos of this beautiful city.

[dropcap3]3. Getting kicked off a train in Austria in the middle of the night[/dropcap3]

While trying to get from Zurich to Prague, I was sold the wrong train ticket. Having no idea, I got on the train, got into my sleeper, and was woken up at about 1am to get kicked off the train on the Swiss/Austrian border, confused and broke. And it was cold.

[dropcap3]4. Being Woken up in Darwin[/dropcap3]

When arriving at a hostel in Darwin, all the beds in the dorm room seemed to be taken. The hostel staff advised us to “Take the one that looks least taken”. So I did, and picked wrong. Was woken up the first time to a very angry, very drunk British kid who wanted to fight me, although told me if I were “a bird he’d just jump in,” but since I wasn’t he wanted to fight. I explained what happened and moved to another empty bed, and the same thing with another drunk and angry British kid happened about an hour later. I did not sleep well in Darwin.

[dropcap3]5. Upset Stomach in Mexico[/dropcap3]

This was on a vacation with family and family friends to Manzanilia. The food did not sit well with anyone. I spent a fair amount of that trip, uh, shall we saying either talking to the porcelain god or sitting on it. The worst part though, absolute worse, was the Mum of the other family asking me for a detailed description of my bowel movements, and asking even more detailed questions about it.

Photo: Evil Erin



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