Why do we drink coffee? Oh, I know, you need that boost, that jolt so you can make it through the day, right? Try sipping some real café’ in Little Havana. Aromatically endowed, this coffee needs nothing but a pinch of sugar and the camaraderie associated with the sip. In Little Havana coffee is not there for your moment of instant alertness. It’s there as a social function: it jells our souls by slowing down the pace of the day and forces us to stop and smell the rose of our humanity. Who would have ever thought you could do that with such a small cup and that without all the other additional lotions and potions typical of the American version of such a brew! Café’ in Little Havana is there for you to enjoy as you mingle with life. The myriad of such coffee spots offer you an instant round trip ticket to a world you still cannot visit. And oh, it tastes so good.

Photo by ASurroca



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