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Salinas, Ecuador | What’s it about?

Wondering if Salinas, Ecuador is worth a visit. Listen to Jasmine she gives a brief overview about the beach city.

A crossroads of People: Vilcabamba, Ecuador

No doubt, the place to find the best people in South America is Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Located right at the equator, but at a mild...

Ecuador’s Drink Options: Beer or Aguardiente

What types of alcohol libations are there in Ecuador? Not much but you'll enjoy the options they do have.

Go Ahead, Be A Tourist – Visit the Equator, Quito Ecuador

The difficult part about the middle of the world (Mitad del Mundo) in Quito, Ecuador is not how to get there but what way pose you'll strike between hemispheres.

Dining in the oil towns of the Amazon: Tena and Coca,...

Food. It's what everybody needs. But it can be challenging when you head to a town that doesn't specialize in ordinary cuisines you might be used to.

Attractions: Indigenous Market- Saquisili, Ecuador

It’s up to you to decide for yourself, but many people argue that the market at Otavalo has become so touristy that you might as well do your shopping for indigenous articles at the airport. Tip: Side step the tourist traffic at the Otavalo market and hit up the Thursday market in Saquisili instead.