Morocco is an exciting and vibrant country to visit, and can provide any holidayer with an experience of a lifetime. While it offers plenty of sights, cities, and towns of interest, there are a few other experiences that are a must-do while you are here.

Souk it

Souk in Morrocco

Leaving Morocco without visiting a local market, called a souk, would be a like going to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. When you walk through these markets, it will be an attack on the senses, but in the best possible way. Foreign aromas, chaotic crowds, vibrant produce, trinkets, and other random items, and a chance to use your bargaining skills. Find yourself a special something to bring home, or get something you have never ate before.


Live it up

riad in morrocco

Everyone needs shelter, but staying in a special, traditional, and super wealthy mini-mansion probably sounds unattainable for most. But now these homes, called riads, have been converted to an affordable hotel that can be enjoyed by most visitors. It’s a spectacular way to live it up while in Morocco. How can you beat a gorgeous home, courtyard, pool, terraces, and more? Treat yourself like royalty for a bit, you deserve it.


Taste it

Eating is an inevitable daily task we must complete to survive, but while in Morocco, don’t ever let a meal pass you by without getting something absolutely delicious and of course, different every time. No repeats, that’s cheating. There’s too many things to try to get comfortable during your time here. Try a pastilla which is a pasty dough with chicken inside. It’s topped with almonds, cinnamon and sugar. If you want the tenderest meat you have ever had, make sure it’s cooked in a tajines, an earth-ware pot on coals.


Take a dip

Hammam Morrocco bath house

No visit would be completed without a nice bath at the end of the day in a traditional hammam. These bathhouses are available throughout the country and it’s an experience far beyond your regular cleansing routine. Make friends with your fellow bather, use Moroccan black soap, and melt into the most heavenly bath spa you have ever had.


Drink up

Drinking tea is nice, but it’s even nicer when a country relishes in their tea drinking and makes it a part of their daily routine. They love their mint tea, and when you are here, stopping by a tea shop and having one for yourself is a must. It’s sweet, hot, and serves as a nice way to pass time at a cafe as you watch the bustle around the streets and hear the prayers booming through the city.


All Aboard

When traveling throughout the country you will have a few options for transportation, but perhaps the best one will be your experience on the train. Get your affordable flights to Morocco settled and then hop on a train to make your way around the country. Your train ride will not only be rather inexpensive, but a chance to gaze out the windows in awe of the beautiful surroundings. Some of these views won’t be visible to those on the road, so all aboard the train, and don’t take your eyes off the window!

Photos by  Andy Wright, Marc and Raba Haajik


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