Besides being one of the Europe’s top ten cities, Munich is a grand and historic destination .

Known today as the city of laptops and lederhosen, modern Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest, busty Bavarian waitresses in dirndls (traditional dresses), traditional lederhosen (leather pants), beer steins, and sausages.

Its cleanliness, safety and easy going laid back pace give the city a rustic feel. The fashionable boutiques and eateries, broad sidewalks, spectacular Alps and striking green parks make Munich one of the most visited cities in Germany.

Must-see Attractions

Deutsches Museum

It is the world’s largest museum of science and technology, which draws around 1.5 million visitors each year. The museum boasts of 28,000 wonderful collections from the fields of science and technology.

Englischer garten

Also known as English Garden, it is one of the Europe’s biggest city parks. With its enclosed spaces, amazing views and the shades of lights, the English Garden stood as an outstanding example of a classic landscape garden.

The Frauenkirche

The Frauenkirche is a 14th-century church tower that is considered as a symbol of the Bavarian capital city. The cathedral can hold around 20,000 people, and Catholic Mass is held regularly.


With 140 stalls and shops, Viktualienmarkt is a popular market for gourmets, where one can find fresh flowers, fruits, poultry, spices, cheese and beer.

In addition to this, there are many tourist attractions to charm visitors as well .  You will never run out of fun things to do in Munich.

Getting around Munich

Getting around Munich is easy as the city boasts of U-bahn and S-bahn metro system. The journey from the airport just takes around 45 minutes. With exceptional transportation facilities including public network, trains, trams and buses, visitors can reach their favorite destinations quickly. The city is also close to popular Austrian skiing destinations. If you are planning to stay in Munich for more than three days, then it is best to buy a weekly transport ticket.

Good Accommodation is all you need!

Hotel rooms are typically smaller and expensive making it difficult for travelers to enjoy and relax. You can choose from a wide-array of vacation rentals to make your trip interesting. Apartments are a good alternative to expensive holiday homes. By choosing a perfect rental apartment, you can forego expensive restaurants and prepare your own Bavarian feast for your family at your place. You can also try cooking some local delicacies such as Knodel, roasted chicken and Weisswurst.           

No matter whether you are searching for a small flat, large apartment, or exclusive business suite, Munich group apartments for vacation will have something for you . You can easily find a good apartment with excellent amenities, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, and fully-equipped kitchens in Munich’s top locations and surroundings.  

Finding a great apartment will add a truly local flavour to the experience of your stay in Munich and leave you memories that feel like coming home.

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