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The Road to Dahab | Jerusalem to Egypt

"The sun setting against the beige Jerusalem stone fills me with the traveler’s nostalgia of not knowing when or if I’ll ever stand here again." A perfect line from this travel story. Enjoy Nikki's journey.

Attractions: Indigenous Market- Saquisili, Ecuador

It’s up to you to decide for yourself, but many people argue that the market at Otavalo has become so touristy that you might as well do your shopping for indigenous articles at the airport. Tip: Side step the tourist traffic at the Otavalo market and hit up the Thursday market in Saquisili instead.

Concrete and Mud in Sri Lanka | Volunteering

Interested in travel volunteering? Then take a ride with Patty as she details her applaudable volunteering experience in Sri Lanka.

Paris Undresses, Paris, France

When traveling you'll notice many distinctions. And when visiting France, fashion is a characteristic that will shout in its sleep. Join this traveler as she looks for that perfect piece that will make her feel like she belongs.

Show Night at the Thai Coffee Shop, Kohn Kaen, Thailand

Travel enlightenment: how daily gathering spots may be innocuous in one's country but at the other side of the world they take another form.

Traveling with Johnny Cash – Video

In your travels you'll find a song that you can reflect to when you aimlessly stare at a horde of bustling strangers at the...

Synaptic Overload In Siem Reap, Cambodia

In your travels you are bound to run into a person unlike you in many ways but very similar to a person you've run into at home. Travel conscious 101.