what to wear when traveling on bus

Traveling on bus can be a daunting task. Don’t expect to be welcomed with the same attributes you’d find from other customer service agents in different modes of transportation.

Cordiality you’ll find dying in the corner next to a weakening politeness as soon as you walk into a Greyhound station. Indifference and blank stares will greet you without deterring from their nature. The man behind the counter will ask the necessary questions needed to gain his minimum wage and to print out your ticket. The awaiting passengers can quite possibly be an affront to your notion of what a curious traveler may be.

Welcome to the bus station. Where you are thrown in a pit where incivility rules. And to play the part you must dress the part. Find our best apparel to wear when traveling on a long-ass bus ride.


Lee Hanton hoodie
Lee Hanton Hoodie

A hoodie is ideal for concealment and warmth. You’ll especially need it for the long bus ride; all drivers blast their AC so all passengers will be pacified from cold temperatures. Also, by throwing the hoodie over your head you’ll feign sleep so that person talking to herself will just do that, talk to herself.

Comfy T

Mynted T-Shirt

A comfortable, well-designed t-shirt is ideal on long trips. The one thing you’d want to feel amidst sticky seats and mildewy cushions is a good quality hand-woven cotton tee. The graphic is ideal as it allows quality conversation with someone that may share your same interest, and because the character on the tee is sort-of a threatening figure this will keep the crazies away.

Wrap Around Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses
Oakley Sunglasses

Sunglasses are ideal for pretend sleep. You’d want sunglasses that cover your eyes entirely. you don’t want to be pretending and get caught with your eyes open as creepers sneak a peak through the peripherals. Cover it all!

Cargo Shorts

Affliction Cargo Pants
Affliction Cargo Shorts

Good quality and almost intimidating design is ideal to keep potential threats at bay. By wearing cargo pants this will trigger alarms to onlookers. Cargo pants give comfort and flexibility for supreme MMA moves, unconsciously people know this – don’t ask me how…they just know. Flames also denotes a “Don’t mess with me! Fire doesn’t bother me, why would you!?” attitude.

Tactical Boots

Under Armour Tactical Boots
Under Armour Tactical Boots

Boots are always needed when traveling. But these boots are tactical boots. The design alone lets people know that you are a person that can handle themselves in any situation, so back-off.

FAQs on Attire Choices for a Long Bus Ride

  • What type of hoodie is most suitable for a long bus ride?

    A thick, soft hoodie is the best for long bus rides as buses can often get quite cold due to the air conditioning. It’s also preferable to choose one with a hood to help block out light and noise when you want to sleep.

  • Is a graphic tee a good choice for all bus trips?

    A graphic tee can be a good choice as it’s comfortable and the graphic can serve as a conversation starter. However, the nature of the graphic should be considered to avoid drawing unwanted attention.

  • How effective are sunglasses in deterring unwanted conversations?

    Sunglasses can discourage unwanted interactions by giving the impression that you are resting or not interested in conversation. Larger, dark lenses that cover your eyes well are particularly effective.

  • Are cargo pants necessary for a bus ride?

    Cargo pants aren’t necessary, but they can be practical. Their numerous pockets allow you to keep your essentials close at hand, and their loose fit offers comfort during a long journey.

  • What type of boots are recommended for a long bus ride?

    While tactical boots might send a strong message, comfort should be your top priority. Any type of boot that is comfortable for long periods of wear and provides good support is suitable.

  • Why is comfort such an important factor in choosing travel attire?

    Comfort is crucial during travel as you’re likely to be in the same outfit for an extended period. Choosing clothes that are loose, breathable, and warm enough for cold AC can make a long journey more bearable.

  • Are there any alternative options to a hoodie for staying warm?

    Yes, alternatives to a hoodie can be a lightweight travel jacket, a large scarf that can double as a blanket, or a soft, thin sweater.

  • Should I avoid certain colors or patterns in my travel attire?

    It’s often best to stick to darker colors as they hide stains better. In terms of patterns, it’s up to personal preference and comfort level.

  • What kind of cargo pants are best for travel?

    Look for cargo pants that are lightweight, durable, and have plenty of pockets. Breathable materials, like cotton or a blend, can keep you comfortable in various temperatures.

  • What should I consider when choosing my travel footwear?

    Comfort, support, and versatility should be considered. Your shoes should be comfortable for long periods of walking or standing, provide good support, and be suitable for various weather conditions. Slip-on styles can also be handy for security checks or taking shoes off during the journey.

T-shirt: Mynted
Cargo Shorts: Affliction
Tactical Boots: Under Armour
Sun Glasses: Oakley
Hoodie: Lee Hanton

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