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Searching for trouble in Nepal – Chitwan National Park

What is the purpose for travel? The sights, the sounds, the close encounter with wild animals that will probably cease your life without warning ? Yes...it's the latter! (it's all about the stories that you'll be able to tell... )

Show Me, Shouyu – Travel Stories from Shodoshima, Japan

Not your ordinary tour around a soy factory. Not your ordinary tour guide. These kind of travel stories are what makes traveling fun.

Trekking Bhutan, A Dream Rekindled at 62

Trek the Bhutan wilderness with this solo traveler that is destined to finish her adventure she put on hold 23 years ago.

Cappucino – Atlas Mountains Style! Morocco, Africa

Ever have a craving for coffee during your travels and then not getting it because everything is just plain foreign? But what if you do get one and you're in the most breathtaking African landscapes known to man...wouldn't that be a great story!

A Kayak in Samoa – paddling from Upolu to Nu’utele

Kayaking in Samoa. Grab some beer and head off to explore the island and its people.

Thailand’s Voyeur Tourism, Chiang Mai

This traveler escapes Bangkok’s oppressive heat and seedy underbelly to see the ‘other’ Thailand, and ponders the ethics of voyeuristic tourism. Come see...

On The Brink, Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa

Witness first hand how scary & exhilarating travel can be through the eyes of this adventurer as she stands before potential catastrophe.