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Five things NOT to bring to Sub-Saharan Africa

There are lists for everything, but if you need a quick run-down of the things NOT to bring to sub-sahara Africa then this is your list (good insight for you ladies).

The Road to Dahab | Jerusalem to Egypt

"The sun setting against the beige Jerusalem stone fills me with the traveler’s nostalgia of not knowing when or if I’ll ever stand here again." A perfect line from this travel story. Enjoy Nikki's journey.

Fear and Loathing in Paris

The one time you wear your dress when you're solo traveling in Paris is when all the men act like wolves. Read on as Laura tells her scary travel story.

Navigating the twists and turns of the c: Girl’s on adventure...

If you've been to Maui I'm sure you've been tempted to drive on the Road to Hana...yes it may be a dangerous journey but imagine the things you'll see and the stories you'll get to tell when you do cross it. Here's what this brave traveler did once she crossed it.

Waited on Hand and Foot – Guilin / Nanjing, China

Not all travel stories have horrifying twists; some begin and end with hospitality and humility. When humanity's empathy trumps the culture barrier...

Trekking Bhutan, A Dream Rekindled at 62

Trek the Bhutan wilderness with this solo traveler that is destined to finish her adventure she put on hold 23 years ago.

The Power of Going it Alone, Cusco, Peru

Ever wondered about that person eating alone at a restaurant? Ever feel pity for them? You shouldn't; they are only reveling in the latest adventure they experienced...aww the stories they can tell! Journey with this traveler as she travels to Peru with only a backpack and some courage.

Turkey Welcomes You, Bodrum, Turkey

Expecting distinction while traveling? Think again, locals want you to feel like your at home and it's not because they care--it's their job. Join this traveler as she searches for authenticity.