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Quick look at livestock exhibit (pigs) at Clay County Fair

Aside from rides and fried-everything food stands, Clay County Fair has a weighty surprise for visitors to gawk at.

Strawberry Field | Homestead, Florida

Strawberry fields forever...Nothing is real, except the escape from life's stressing moments when you're hand-picking nature's candy.

Hemingway Revisted | Key West, Florida

Travel is enlightening in and of itself. But add some passion and knowledge about an author that inspires you in the mix...Presto! you just made memories that will change your life.

When lost in Miami ask a hooker for directions, Miami, Florida

When you're lost in a city best thing to do is consult with a local street walker.

Escaping the Everglades, Florida

They escape the Everglades at night with hissing Alligators on their trail and airborne assassins closing in.

Beach and balls, Naked on South Beach, Miami, Fl.

There are beach balls then there are balls on the beach. A journey of humiliation and jokes.