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The Okavango Safari, The Lioness | Botswana, Africa

Imagine a four hundred pound African beast charging at you, what do you do? Join this traveler as he recounts his story of nearly being supper in Botswana.

Nocturnal vehicle invaders in Outback Australia

Exploring the great Outback is one thing but having the Outback's critters exploring you is another. Enjoy this traveler's story about being overrun by mice!

Searching for trouble in Nepal – Chitwan National Park

What is the purpose for travel? The sights, the sounds, the close encounter with wild animals that will probably cease your life without warning ? Yes...it's the latter! (it's all about the stories that you'll be able to tell... )

Angering Ekahau | Belize

Taking home souvenirs from your latest adventure is one thing. But bringing home species in unconventional methods can be stomach turning. Enjoy this story of Belize, a family and a botfly. (Ekahau is the Mayan God of travelers and merchants.)

The Plain of Jezreel, Mount Tabor, Israel

To hike the same hill side where ancient giants walked is one thing, to run from ominous beasts is glorious. Join this traveler as he finds his destination with a little natural help.

Escaping the Everglades, Florida

They escape the Everglades at night with hissing Alligators on their trail and airborne assassins closing in.

Wilderness Survival, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

In the most dire needs, it seems, even when the wounded need a warm, stream of golden rain there are others that will come to soothe the burning sting from a jellyfish. Enjoy this tale of Peeeerfection while visiting Thailand.

Hey, Hey, It’s the Monkeys!, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Monkeys attack in Cambodia--even the timid cute ones. Join this traveler as he scoots to safety.